Introducing Expedited Shipping and Custom Fees on Quivers

Quivers is excited to add expedited shipping alongside standard shipping and in-store pickup. As part of this update, Quivers has also introduced custom fees by shipping region. Customer expectations have never been higher when shopping online; Deloitte’s 2016 Holiday survey shows that only 42% of holiday shoppers considered 3-4 day shipping to be fast. This is a […]

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We Have a NEW Look!

When we originally launched Quivers, we had one goal in mind; eliminate channel conflict in eCommerce by connecting brands with retailers more effectively. Since that time, we’ve helped over one hundred brands across various industries with this endeavor, ensuring brands are able to grow online while strengthening their retail channel. Just like your brand and […]

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To Go Direct or Not to Go Direct, That is The Question.

The age-old question of whether a brand should sell direct to consumers. As a project manager at an eCommerce company, I have been exposed to many different (and mostly contrasting) strategies as to why a Brand has decided to pursue eCommerce. Many times their reasons are so specific to their company, that their specific reason […]

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Quivers: The Next Gen Shopping Experience

Quivers: The Next Gen Shopping Experience Quivers Connected Commerce In a time when businesses are scrambling to meet consumer needs online, Quivers offers a solution that goes beyond the limits while remaining robust, simple, and easy to use.  Welcome to the next generation shopping experience with Quivers Marketplaces and HoverCarts! The Quivers Connected Commerce solution […]

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Semi-Annual Customer Surveys from Quivers
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In the month of May, we sent out the first of our semi-annual customer satisfaction surveys. We appreciate your time to help improve the Quivers solution. Every rating and comment we received were reviewed in-depth and a plan of action was put into motion.  Quivers formed a cross-functional team which includes Program Management, Customer Support, Professional […]

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Ruben Martin, Quivers’ Own Co-Founder and CTO/COO, “Discover the First Mile.” APAC CIO Outlook Magazine

You can read the full article in APAC CIO Outlook digital magazine here. Discover the First Mile By Ruben Martin, Co-Founder & CTO/COO, Quivers “Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.” – Arthur Ashe.  These words are regularly used as motivation for people who are striving […]

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In-Store Pickup is Here!
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Welcome to the future of online shopping. Quivers continually strives to provide tools for Brands and their brick-and-mortar Retailers to expand their businesses through eCommerce. This is yet another example of Quivers leading the next generation of online shopping. The In-Store Pickup feature is a perfect blend of consumer wants and business needs. To create […]

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NEW Discount Feature Released

We redesigned our discount engine so that you can offer your customers the discounts they deserve.  Whether it’s for a global product launch, an incentive program, or simply because you are feeling generous, create the discounts you want when you want them. Our discounts engine is smarter than ever allowing you to spend less time […]

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New Mobile App Update Released!
Mobile App

The Quivers app redesign is full of enhancements you will appreciate. We know time is of the essence so our goal was to simplify the essentials. How Claiming The key enhancement to the Quivers app redesign was not what to add, but what to streamline. All of your available orders are now in one combined home feed […]

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