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Supercharge Your Sales and Reap the Rewards With Quivers’ New Solution - Program Rewards


Supercharge Your Sales and Reap Rewards with Quivers New Solution - Program Rewards


Picture this: It’s the early 1930s, and a mouse is pulling a lever in eager anticipation of receiving a reward. 

No, this isn’t one of Mickey’s earlier outings, rather, it’s a key moment in the research of influential psychologist B.F. Skinner. Using data from these experiments, Skinner developed his theory of operant conditioning — which claims behavior that is followed by pleasant consequences is more likely to be repeated.

Here at Quivers, we’re also big believers in positive reinforcement. While we prefer to stay away from rodents, you can count us as experts on brands, retailers, ambassadors, and the many other parts that make up the commerce rat race.

Our newest solution, Program Rewards, is an enhancement to Quivers Ambassador Management which empowers you to create and manage unique, incentivized programs for your pros, ambassadors, affiliates and other unique consumer groups like sales reps and shop employees. 

Using Program Rewards is straightforward, cost-effective and could net your brand up to a 30% boost in total sales.


How Does Program Rewards Work?

On its simplest level, Program Rewards works similarly to operant conditioning:

A member of one of your consumer groups makes a sale and is subsequently rewarded for it.

If that explanation sounds a little basic, fear not! We’re going to dive into the details without subjecting you to an entire psychological research paper.

Creating personalized affiliate links and discount codes is a breeze with Ambassador Management. Once you’ve shared these links and codes with your special consumers, every sale they make will be automatically tracked, recorded and credited to their account.

But what about groups like shop employees that are driving consumer sales in-store? Well, they can directly upload on-site transactions to their Program Rewards Portal. From there, you or an appointed sales rep can review and confirm that the credit for the sale should be awarded.

What’s more, if you want to offer your retailers’ employees additional incentives for becoming a strong brand advocate, you can now reward them for completing brand training and knowledge-based modules.

The Rewards

Through the Program Rewards settings, you choose exactly what you’re going to reward your special consumers for. You have two options: You can either set sales targets in your local currency, or you can outline the required number of sales for specific products to qualify for a reward.

Likewise, you have flexibility in what you reward them with. One option is to give points/credits that can later be redeemed for certain products. Alternatively, you might want to incentivize special consumers with unique discount codes that are unlocked upon reaching sales targets (e.g. sell $1000 worth of goods, gain a 50% discount on a particular range of products) or specific thresholds for products sold (e.g. sell 50 pairs of your brand’s flagship skis, and receive a complimentary pair of ski boots).

Let’s Get Modular: The Program Rewards Portal

We take great pride in the flexibility of the Quivers Omnichannel Toolkit because we understand that diverse customers require tailored solutions. With our modular Program Rewards Portal, we enable you to select the core features that best suit the needs of each of your Program Rewards groups.


The streamlined Program Rewards Dashboard offers a comprehensive view of total sales for special consumers (pros, ambassadors, affiliates, and more). In addition, it includes various features designed to incentivize them to make more sales, including:

  • A sales leaderboard to foster healthy competition and motivation.
  • A visual representation of their accumulated reward points, allowing them to easily track their progress.
  • Featured products that can be redeemed using their earned points, providing attractive incentives for further sales.


The Rewards section requires little explanation. It’s where your special consumers can discover all the products you’ve made available for point redemption, and the place where they initiate the process of redeeming their accumulated points for the product of their choice.


In this dedicated space, special consumers have the option to manually upload their sales, which will then undergo a review process by either you or a sales representative. Upon approval, the points earned from these sales will be added to their total points.

This section also provides a visual representation of their sales history, allowing special consumers to conveniently track and monitor their sales activities.


The Tools section provides a unified point of access to all trackable affiliate tools. It can be easily shared through a link or an affiliate's individual QR code.

With Tools, you gain the ability to meticulously track each sale contributed by different special consumers. This valuable feature offers key insights into the return on investment (ROI) of their respective programs, which can help shape your future programs.


The Shop section of the Program Rewards Portal is where you create customized shopping experiences, exclusively tailored for your pros, ambassadors and affiliates. Shop also allows you to set specific rules, restrictions and limits that ensure discounting never gets out of hand.

Through the Shop section, your special consumers can conveniently shop at the designated special pricing you’ve assigned to them, as well as use any discount codes they’ve unlocked by reaching predefined targets. With such a seamless rewards system, your special consumers are motivated to continue putting in the necessary effort to generate more sales for your brand.

Why You Won’t Regret Using Quivers’ Program Rewards

With a wide range of digital tools and leaderboards, the “gamified” functionality that Program Rewards offers can improve sales by around 10%. That’s a pretty sweet deal considering this solution is essentially included free of charge as part of the Quivers Omnichannel Toolkit. 

Program Rewards gives you key insight into the ROI of your ambassadors and broader programs by automatically tracking orders back to each unique user. Through the Quivers Reports section of the Admin Panel, you can:

  • Easily evaluate how well your special consumers are performing
  • Target areas for improvement
  • Reduce wasted program costs
  • Maximize the ROI of each user

This comprehensive reporting feature empowers you to make informed decisions and drive greater efficiency and effectiveness in your program management.

When motivated by incentives and product discounts, pros, ambassadors and affiliates make more purchases. And of course, this level of brand engagement helps drive more consumer traffic to your brand that ultimately nets you up to a 30% increase in online consumer sales. The combination of incentives and rewards creates a compelling environment that fosters loyalty, drives sales and boosts your brand's success.

Gone are the days of playing cat and mouse with consumers. With Quivers' Program Rewards, you have the power to harness the full potential of your special consumers and take your sales to the next level.

Uncover more exciting details in our press release. Want to see Program Rewards in action and explore the other advanced features of Quivers' Omnichannel Toolkit? Reach out and schedule a demo today.