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Offer Quivers Pay Later, or End up Paying for It Later


Jessica and Gary don’t know each other. One lives in Tigard, Oregon and the other in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. What do they have in common? Well, they’re both on your website, browsing your flagship product at the same time — and neither of them has the cash flow to commit to the purchase right now. 

In the past, Jessica and Gary would have been commerce ghosts — the “almost-buyers” who got away: Gary’s home renovation would prove to be his priority for the foreseeable future and by the time Jessica had received her paycheck she’d have shifted her attention to your main competitor.

Introducing Quivers Pay Later for HoverCart

Now things are different. With Quivers Pay Later, you can offer the Jessicas and Garys of this world the option to pay for online orders in manageable, interest-free installments. That means you can capture the sale at the moment of maximum interest — regardless of your consumers’ current finances. 

Think Jessica and Gary are just two hypothetical characters we invented for this blog? Well, yeah — you got us there. But they represent many like them: 50% of consumers have used a Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) service, and 39% of those who haven’t say they’re likely to in the next six months

Whether it’s due to inflation and the current economic climate or other personal circumstances, consumer buying patterns are changing — and you can’t afford to be left behind. 

Make the Unaffordable, Affordable

Shoppers are discovering that BNPL is easy to use, helps them avoid credit card fees and gives them more control over their personal cash flow. 82% of users believe the payment option “makes the unaffordable, affordable.” 

Needless to say, the consumer isn’t the only one to benefit from a BNPL option: This payment method has been shown to boost conversion rates by as much as 20-30%, and the average order value (AOV) also tends to shoot up by a staggering 30-50% when you let your consumers pay in installments.

But with so many BNPL providers, why choose Quivers?

Give Your Consumers What They Want

Shoppers like having more control over their personal cash flow and being able to pay in manageable chunks, without having to pay any interest or additional fees. What you might not know is that 61% of BNPL users say they’d rather use a service directly offered on your website than go through a third party — which is just one of the reasons Quivers Pay Later is your best bet.

Quivers Pay Later enables you to:

  • Benefit From an In-Demand Payment Option: See conversions rise by as much as 20-30% and your AOV increase by 30-50%. 
  • Receive Guaranteed Payments: Get the full value of an order with your weekly settlement while your consumers benefit from the flexibility of paying in four interest-free payments. 
  • Protect Yourself Against Fraud: Quivers Pay Later orders are fully covered by our fraud protection policy, meaning you can accept orders without any concerns or liability.
  • Stay in Control: Use Quivers HoverCart to activate Quivers Pay Later on a store-by-store basis and change other settings through our easy-to-manage Admin Panel.  

Let your consumers pay later and don’t make a mistake you could pay for later.

Want to find out more about Quivers Pay Later? Check out our new video or read the press release!