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Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Quivers and Lightspeed Are Now Official Partners


Signed Sealed Delivered Lightspeed Partnership Blog Image

We’re delighted to announce that Quivers is now an official partner of Lightspeed. While we’ve enjoyed a long-standing working relationship with the renowned point-of-sale software provider, it’s great to formalize our partnership. 

Quivers and Lightspeed have joined forces to offer an integrated and streamlined retail solution. By leveraging Quivers' robust omnichannel capabilities and integrating them with Lightspeed's cutting-edge point-of-sale system, retailers can now seamlessly manage online and offline fulfillment. This makes it easy to enhance the consumer experience and boost your profits — all from the comfort of the Lightspeed POS interface.

What Is Quivers?

Quivers is the industry-leading Omnichannel Toolkit that empowers specialty brands, retailers, and ambassadors with its comprehensive suite of tools. Quivers serves as a vital link between brands and retailers, enabling seamless multi-channel fulfillment. 

With Quivers, retailers gain the ability to fulfill orders placed on brands’ websites using options such as Dropshipping, BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store) and White Glove Delivery. With the Omnichannel Toolkit, businesses can leverage a wide range of solutions, including shopping cart integration, ambassador program software, and secure payment processing.

What Does the Quivers x Lightspeed Partnership Mean For Lightspeed Customers?

The inclusion of the Quivers App in Lightspeed’s highly selective App Marketplace is a significant milestone in our collaboration. As a retailer using Lightspeed, you can now enjoy the benefits of Quivers' innovative distributed fulfillment software seamlessly integrated into your existing platform.

With this integration, there's no need to navigate between multiple pieces of software or make significant operational changes. You can continue to utilize Lightspeed for processing in-store and online orders while effortlessly receiving and processing orders from marketplaces and connected brands' websites.

By leveraging the Quivers App, you can fulfill more orders while maintaining real-time inventory visibility and accuracy — regardless of where an order is placed. Gaining an extra sales channel has never been simpler!

How Do Quivers Customers Benefit From the Lightspeed Partnership?

For existing Quivers customers, the partnership with Lightspeed makes your life a lot easier. By leveraging the integration, you can now process orders from all channels directly within the user-friendly Lightspeed POS interface. This time-saving feature means you can dedicate more time to selling and less time to order management.

And get this: Lightspeed is now offering its software to Quivers customers at an exclusive, discounted rate. New signups who come through Quivers will receive 20% off the first year of their Lightspeed Retail subscription. This special offer further enhances the value of the partnership for you.

Perhaps you’re already familiar with Lightspeed's software through our NuORDER Ship-to-Store App? This integration combines Lightspeed's wholesale purchasing app with the Quivers Omnichannel Toolkit, creating seamless connectivity within your commerce ecosystem. 

Thanks to this formal partnership, you can unlock a new level of convenience, efficiency, and cost savings while seamlessly integrating your operations with the Lightspeed platform.

Stronger Together

While announcing this partnership is a significant milestone, we expect our collaboration to go from strength to strength from here.

We’re thrilled to be able to bring the benefits of Quivers' software to Lightspeed customers, and we’re looking forward to providing them with a profitable and hassle-free sales channel. Likewise, we take great pleasure in seeing our valued customers benefiting from the Lightspeed platform. 

Quivers customers who are not yet on Lightspeed will receive an exclusive discount of 20% off the first year of their Lightspeed Retail subscription.

To learn more about Quivers and the Omnichannel Toolkit, request a demo with us today.